Congratulations to Carney's very own, Jennifer Le!
~ 2011 Ron Davis Young List Professional ~

In today’s ever-changing market, Carney provides relevant direct marketing solutions to marketers, brokers and list owners; giving you a unique competitive edge, that substantially impacts your ROI.

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List Management - Increase revenue with aggressive list promotion while consistently offering high quality data.

List Brokerage - Reduce acquisition costs, discover new markets and increase ROI.

Digital Marketing - Maximize response rates utilizing multi-channel and online expertise.

Database Marketing - Leverage your data to cut costs and boost success through superior customer analytics.

Data Processing - Enhance the value of your data and provide cost effective solutions.
Email Append - match your database up against a database of over 200 million addresses to identify and enhance your base with viable email addresses.

Modeling - Optimizing specific data characteristics and use that information to identify similar prospects for future mailings.

Analytics - Our Multi-channel Matchback Services eliminate the guesswork and in turn help to define the true customer who is responding to your offer.

Insert Media - A channel for premier marketers to not only advertise, but for owners to generate substantial revenue through a variety of programs.

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